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Kleine roodoogjuffer Erythromma viridulum

Foto: Wijnand van Buuren


Erythromma [genus] (3/3)
viridulum [soort]

Erythromma viridulum may be regarded as the most expansive species in The Netherlands. Being very rare until the 1970s, it is now the second most common species after
Ischnura elegans in the eutrophic polders of the western part of the country. Eutrophication and a warmer climate are probably the main causes of its spread. The species is found wherever there is floating or emergent aquatic vegetation, even where this formed by green algae or peat moss. Its remarkable dispersal capacity is illustrated by the fact that it colonised the northern Waddensea islands. E. viridulum reached the first island in 1995 and was found on all five major islands three years later.



Weide, M.J.T. van der