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Zanddoorntje Tetrix ceperoi

Foto: Henri van Dodeweerd


Tetrigidae [familie]
Tetrix [genus] (5/5)
ceperoi [soort]

Cepero’s Ground-hopper is in contrast to its  rarity elsewhere in Europe, relatively common in the western part of The Netherlands. In the interior only few colonies are known. It inhabits chiefly wet places in the ­coastal dunes, such as dune valleys and shores of dune-lakes, but can also be found on the shores of recently dug waterbodies outside the dunes. The insects, which are always macro-pronotal, are ready flyers. As a pioneer-species it can establish new colonies quickly in bare building areas in and around cities. It is almost vicariant in distribution and ecology with T. subulata, which frequents clay-soils in contrast to sandy soils for T. ceperoi



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