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Wrattenbijter Decticus verrucivorus

Foto: Jeroen Hoek


Tettigoniidae [familie]
Decticus [genus] (1/1)

The Wart-biter used to be rather widespread and locally com­mon on sandy soils in The Nether­lands. In the course of the 20th century it has steadily decreased. From the coastal dunes it disappeared early this century, most inland popu­lati­ons vanished between 1950 and 1990. Now only three sites are known, mostly with relatively few individuals. The recently rediscovered popu­lation along a canal in the province of Noord-Brabant is currently the largest, but this also might be too small and isolated to guarantee survival of this species in the Nether­lands. Its decline is not only due to a decrease of heath-land and poor grasslands, but also to a general deterioration of the quality of the vegetation, partly from acidification and nitrification. It is our most threa­tened or­thopteran species, parallel­ing the situation in neigh­bouring countries. The extinction of the Wart-biter in the Nether­lands and West­ern-Europe is, we fear, a matter of time.



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