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Kleine wrattenbijter Gampsocleis glabra

Foto: René Krekels


Tettigoniidae [familie]
Gampsocleis [genus] (1/1)
glabra [soort]

The Heath Bush-cricket has a very scanty dis­tribution ­throughout Europe. It used to occur in the heathland area of ‘De Veluwe’, mostly in pure Calluna vulgaris heathland. In 1987 the last 5 males were heard singing here. The only sur­viving Central-European populations are in mili­tary areas in northern Germany (Lüne­bur­ger Heide), where it lives in heathland which is burned every 4-5 years. The soil is almost bare between the heather plants. Al­though there is a slight possibility that Gampsocleis glabra might still be found in largely unstudied military areas, we assume that the species is now really extinct from The Neth­er­lands.



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