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Kustsprinkhaan Chorthippus albomarginatus

Foto: Jur Heijnen


Acrididae [familie]
Chorthippus [genus] (8/7)

The Lesser Marsh Grasshopper is very common in the coast­al parts of our country, hence the common name ‘kust­sprinkhaan’ (coastal grasshopper). In the interior it is much more local and rare. In the coastal provinces it inhabits a wide range of habitats, dune-grasslands, road-verges, dykes, but preferably with relatively tall grass. It can stand over­growing of dunes with grasses (such as Calamgrostis epigejos). In the interior it is more confined to relatively wet grass­­lands, and is often found in nature reserves with other marsh inhabiting species. Geographically it is almost vicariant with Chorthippus parallelus, and also in inland localities the two species only rarely co-occur.



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