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Krasser Pseudochorthippus parallelus

Foto: Martien van den Heuvel


Acrididae [familie]
Pseudochorthippus [genus] (2/2)
parallelus [soort]

The Meadow Grasshopper is common and widespread in the southern and eastern parts of the country, but occurs only in a few areas in the west. It inhabits a large variety of biotopes, but there is a remarkable geographic variation in habitat-preference. In the south it occurs everywhere in road-verges and all kinds of relatively moist grasslands, ­heaths, dunes, etc. In the northern part of its area it is almost completely confined to wet heaths, where it prefers grassy places with Molinia vegetation. Here it is hardly found in road-verges at all. The long-winged form has been found regularly, and probably contributes most to dispersal of this species. Part of its dispersal, however, may be explained by transport of eggs with soil. 



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