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Zompsprinkhaan Pseudochorthippus montanus

Foto: Tim Faasen


Acrididae [familie]
Pseudochorthippus [genus] (2/2)
montanus [soort]

The Water-meadow Grasshopper occurs in three core-areas: Northwest-Overijssel, the northeast of Twente and the Achter­hoek. Elsewhere the populations are isolated and relatively small. The habitats are water-meadows, marshes and wet heathlands. Although the species is mainly found in nature reserves, it can, in the core-areas also occur in road-side ditches, canal shores and even drier habitats. In these areas C. montanus and C. parallelus seem to be mutually exclusive. Also the other marsh species, Stethophyma grossum is only rarely found together with C. montanus. The species is assumed to be in decline, for similar reasons as given for S. grossum, and needs to be protected. The long-winged form has been found several times.



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