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Snortikker Chorthippus mollis

Foto: Susanne Kuijpers


Acrididae [familie]
Chorthippus [genus] (8/7)
mollis [soort]

The Feeble Grasshopper is common in the coastal dunes, northward to Castricum, and in the pleistocene part of The Netherlands, although it is still rare in parts of the Achterhoek and Overijssel. Before 1970 it was completely absent north and east of the river IJssel, whereas it is now common northward to the provinces of Groningen and Friesland. This is a clear case of range expansion. Its habitat is dry heath and dunes, but especially in the last years it was also commonly seen in road-verges, along dykes and railways and in human settlements. It is possible that its expansion is caused by the favourable weather of the last decades. 



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