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Weidesprinkhaan Chorthippus dorsatus

Foto: Jeroen Hoek


Acrididae [familie]
Chorthippus [genus] (8/7)
dorsatus [soort]

The Steppe Grasshopper is currently no indigenous species, as only one apparently stray female specimen was collected in recent years. In the fifties there was probably one colony in the Agelerbroek, 3 specimens of which have been traced in collections. This nature reserve has since very much been reduced in size and variation, due to large scale re-allotment of the landscape. This population is now extinct, although the stray specimen was collected less than 10 km away. We, however, assume that this specimen came from German populations which occur not far from the border. It inhabits moist grasslands, but no details are known of the former Dutch population.

Update (1-11-2018): in 2018 a population was found on the Kop van Pannerden. 



Willemse, L.P.M., Wingerden, W.K.R.E. van, Odé, B., Kleukers, R.M.J.C., Nieukerken, E.J. van