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Marmerkreeft Procambarus virginalis

Foto: Bram Koese


Cambaridae [familie]
Procambarus [genus] (5/2)
virginalis [soort]

The origin of the marbled crayfish is unknown. It first appeared in German pet stores during de 1990’s. As it reproduces by self-cloning or parthenogenesis, only females are known of this taxon described as forma virginalis of the Everglades crayfish Procambarus fallax. The species was first recorded in the Netherlands in 2004 in the town of Dordrecht, but no sightings have been done after then. In 2014 and 2015 a total of three specimens were found in Middelburg.  The specimens most likely originate from a local private pond, although the exact source has not been located yet. The Dutch climate might be relative disadvantageous for the marbled crayfish, since its the species needs high temperatures for growth, reproduction and survival. However, the fact that only a single individual can be the source of an entire population still posesses a large threat.  



Koese, B.