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Amoergrondel Perccottus glenii

Foto: Paul van Hoof


Odontobutidae [familie]
Perccottus [genus] (1/0)
glenii [soort]

The Amur sleeper is a freshwater perch-like fish, originating from Eastern Asia. It was introduced to western Russia and eastern Europe in the early 20th century and has increased its distribution through human mediated translocations and active migration via rivers and canals. The species reaches high densities in floodplains, and uses the rivers for dispersal. It prefers standing waters rich in submerged vegetation. Its success as an invasive species is explained by its non-selective food choice, prolonged spawning period, parental care and its preference for habitats with limited competition from other fish species. Climatic suitability, presence of suitable habitat and the absence of migration barriers predict a further expansion of the species over Western Europe, which will have a strong impact on especially macrofauna, amphibians and specific fish species.



Spikmans, F.