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Gestekelde duizendknoop Polygonum perfoliatum

Foto: Edu Boer


Polygonaceae [familie]
Polygonum [genus] (12/2)

Polygonum perfoliatum is an herbaceous vine of the family Polygonaceae, native to Asia and invasive in the United States and Turkey. The species is an annual in temperate regions and is perennial in tropical areas. It is up to seven meters long and can grow up to 15 cm per day. With its 2-8 cm broad triangular leaves it can quickly overgrow existing vegetation, blocking photosynthesis, weakening or killing the overgrown vegetation. The species typically grows in open, disturbed areas, at forest edges, roadsides, river banks. Birds are probably the most important vectors for long-distance dispersal of seeds. 



Beringen, R.